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Thank you for considering us for the supply of your party equipment.Please ensure you take a few moments to read and understand our Terms and conditions of hire.


1. In the case of a bouncy castle hire without supervisors, hirers or organisers must have insurance to cover any eventuality that could arise at the event, including injuries and accidents to the users. Dereham Castles have public liability insurance but it is the hirer or organiser's responsibility to ensure that they have the required insurance cover for their own event.


2. If any unforeseen circumstances prevent us from fulfilling our obligations, our liability will be limited to a refund of any money paid in relation to the event. In the event of a delayed start, we will offer a pro-rata reduction in the hire fee. No other compensation will be paid, irrespective of any loss of earnings. No refunds of any money's will be paid back to you in the event of you cancelling you event at the last minute. All requests of refunds should be made in writing within 72 hours of cancelling your event and sent to our registered office address, or to email address [email protected]


3. All booking our subject to availability and last minutes changes may be offered to the hirer as an alternative if their requested item cannot be delivered as agreed.


4. Although we endeavor ensure the safety of our customers, Dereham Castles cannot guarantee against any accidents. It is the organiser or hirer's responsibility to ensure that all users are aware of the rules of use.


5. We will not be held responsible for any loss of property or accidents on any bookings for any reason.


6. Only responsible people deemed capable of exercising control over children by the hirer and delegated by said hirer should supervise the equipment. They must be present and supervising at all times while the inflatable or equipment is in operation. They. Must 18 years or over.


7. Any sharp objects, such as glasses and toys, must not be allowed on to the equipment. Shoes are not permitted on the equipment.


8. Streamers, silly string, freshly-painted faces, chewing gum, food, drink and other messy items must not be allowed on the equipment.


9. The hirer takes full liability for any damage caused, or any theft of the equipment during the course of the bouncy castle hire.


10. The equipment must not be removed from the site without Dereham Castles prior written consent.


11. The hirer must ensure that the equipment does not become overloaded.


12. No children of ages more than 30 months apart should use the equipment at the same time. The hirer or a responsible adult must monitor the equipment to ensure this does not occur.


13. Most children's equipment is intended for children under the Height of 1.3 meters. We do not recommend their use by Larger children... For more specific information, please contact us.


14. If anyone other than Dereham castles or their employees set up the equipment, our public liability insurance will be invalid. If you have elected to collect the equipment yourself, please ensure you have adequate insurance.


15. No climbing over the roofs or safety walls is permitted. All units come with electric blower fans.


16. Supervision is mandatory during wet weather conditions. Equipment can become slippery when wet so care must be taken. If there are any concerns, close the equipment down immediately, wipe clean and dry. When the equipment is suitably dry and safe, use of the equipment can resume.We Fully advise against cancellation if weather is bad or forecast to be wet/Windy on the day as stated later in the terms and conditions We reserve the right to cancel your booking due to safety reasons with no liability due to Dereham castles or cost to yourselves.


17. The property should not be rehired to any person or group except the person it was originally hired out to without the prior written consent of Dereham castles.


19. All necessary permissions required for the proposed event must be received by the hirer. All documentation pertaining to the hire, including public liability insurance, must be obtained at the time of booking Dereham Castles


20. If equipment must be transported through commercial or domestic areas, it is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that access is available and that any furnishings etc that could come into contact with the equipment is protected from damages.****We Do Not take units through Houses for this reason and reserve the right to cancel the booking on arrival and a travel charge will be made ****


21. If safety barriers are needed, it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are in place and All First Aid equipment is the responsibility and supplied by the hirer.


22. The hirer must be aware that all equipment should not be used in windy or wet conditions. Please speak to Dereham Castles in you have any doubts. ,We reserve the right to cancel any booking on poor weather basis due to your users SAFETY


23. It is the Hirers responsibility to read these terms and conditions. Dereham Castles will assume the hirer has read and understood the T&C's as confirmation emails are sent.


24. Payment should be made on set up by either cash or Company Cheque-We do not offer Credit facilities


25. Dereham castles has the right not to refund the hirer if the equipment hired does not fit in the requested area. The hirer takes full responsibility for all the measurements.


26. Avoidable water saturation e.g. water pistols, water bombs hoses used on the unit will incur another days Hire charge to compensate for loss of hire and drying time


27. No images may be download or used from this web site for anything without confirmation from Dereham Castles


28. Between the dates of October 1st and Easter the following Year we only Hire to Inside venues due to weather conditions


29. For any castle that is hired over night we respectfully ask that the Blower is covered overnight and that the unit MUST BE erected as early as possible to help the unit dry from any moisture/Rain that developed overnight





1. All equipment hired is the responsibility of the hirer. The hirer agrees to insure the equipment against loss, damage or theft at their own expense for the duration of hire. The hirer also agrees to provide adequate security for the hired equipment for the duration of hire.


2. The title to all hired equipment remains with Dereham Castles in perpetuity.


3. All hired equipment is accepted as working at the time of delivery.


4. The hirer shall not part with possession or control of the equipment or sell the equipment at any time while hiring said equipment.


5. The equipment must not be modified, added to, adapted, altered or interfered with in any other way while under contract.


6. The equipment must not leave the UK without prior written permission from Dereham Castles


7. The hirer must notify Dereham Castles immediately in the event of any loss, theft or damage.


8. The hirer will be charged for any maintenance, repairs or damages that arise through negligence or misuse.


9. The hirer agrees to pay Dereham Castles the full replacement costs of any equipment that is damaged and beyond repair also any down time.


10. If the equipment is retained beyond the agreed hire period or if the equipment is returned incomplete, the hirer will be subject to additional hire charges at rate of £35 per hour.


11. The hirer will not request a refund once they have accepted these terms and conditions.
I/we have read and understand and I / we agree to abide by these terms and conditions.


Please note that as the hirer you are NOT permitted to erect the inflatable equipment. You may however, deflate the equipment and lock it away when it is not being used.


Inflatable's are strictly for children under the age of 14. Under no circumstances should ADULTS enter on to the Inflatable as this will in time result in damage to the Inflatable or injury to the individual.Excluding Adult Units
Prevent the blower, cable and plugs from getting wet.


Do not allow children with medical conditions, which may put them at risk of injury (e.g. brittle bone disease or temporary injuries), to use the inflatable.


You must have First Aid facilities and qualified officers on site.


Avoid mixing older children on the inflatable at the same time as younger ones. 


Dereham Castles are the owner of the inflatable and as the hirer will not withhold permission for Dereham Castles remove the castle at any time.


You ("the Hirer") are responsible for any injury or damage occurring whilst the equipment is on hire and you are strongly advised to take out Public Liability Insurance covering the use of the inflatable whilst it is on hire to you.


You ("the Hirer") must ensure that there is adequate adult supervision at all times when the Inflatable's are in use.


Children must remove their shoes and remove any hard, sharp or dangerous objects from their person (spectacles are also best removed) before using the inflatable.


Children must be prevented from climbing or hanging on the walls of the inflatable. With bouncy castles the user must not be taller than the outside walls when standing on the inflated bouncing surface.


The front step is designed to help users on and off, and is not to be played on.
Food, Drink, party poppers, face paints and toys are strictly forbidden on any inflatable.




You (the Hirer) must ensure Inflatable's are staked/sand bagged down at all times.DO NOT USE IN HIGH WINDS (Over 24 MPH).


The Hirer is responsible for the safe keeping of the inflatable and you will be charged for theft or any damage caused to it or for any items missing from it on its return. Inflatable's/Sumo Set being kept overnight must be locked away to avoid theft. Again a charge for any missing items will be made... Equipment returned in a dirty condition will be subject to a cleaning charge. Rain covers are for light showers only: Inflatable's should not be used in heavy rain. We will not be held responsible for bad weather spoiling your day.


Only our delivery driver is authorised to collect the Inflatable. Under no circumstances should any of the equipment be handed over to anyone other than our delivery driver, who will hold a copy of the hire contract.


Dereham Castles Terms and Conditions.docx

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