Pay As You Go Party Plans

Every parent wants to give their children the best possible party, However sometimes it is difficult stretching the pennies with bills and other expenses.


As working parents we understand this and are pleased to offer our pay as you go Party plan


This is how it works:


1) You select your equipment

2) Get in touch with us to book and say you want to take out one of our pay as you go Party plans

3) We take a £10 non refundable booking fee and give you a unique reference code for BACS payments

4) You can pay as much as you want when you want!


The only condition is that the whole balance is paid upon set up no interest, no catch. What’s more if you need to cancel the party for any reason up to the time of delivery you get all your money returned less the £10 fee.


This way you can give your child the party you want why you can pay off as and when you wish.




  • Princess package 6 - £125
  • One Payment is made of - £30
  • Then another 3 payments of - £10
  • Then payment of £65 on set up
  • Total £125


Example 2:

  • Toddler ocean themed bouncy castle - £55
  • One payment of £10
  • 7x as and when payments of £5
  • Total £55


All payments are made via BACS or Cash.

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